Our Tactile sensors for the most natural interactions

High Resolution Pressure Sensors

Experience surfaces like never before with our advanced sensor system!

Our system enables effortless tracking of people, objects, and gestures for valuable data and insights, ideal for a variety of industries. Thanks to its high-precision force and pressure sensing capabilities our system is capable of analysing any forces and geometries applying on every given surface and afterwards providing market wide unmatched insights about those information.

Our sensor can be customized to fit your specific needs and, thanks to its ultra thin design, can be seamlessly integrated into or under a wide range of materials and surfaces, which makes it the epitome of modern surface interaction technology.

With its many advantages and cutting-edge technology, our sensor system is the ultimate choice for businesses seeking precision, interaction and versatility.

Advantages of our sensor system

extremely high resoluted


ultra thin

customizable & freely sizeable

adaptable to every surface

integrated or stand-alone